All your bookmarks in one place

Never lose another bookmark. Ever again.

Pins is an easy and beautiful bookmarks manager app for the mac. It is the organized, taggable, searchable, syncable, shareable, visual library for all your needs. Now also a Delicious and Pinboard client!

Available on the Mac App Store

Nested folder organization

Keep it clean

Pins lets you organize your bookmarks library in a tidy fashion using as many folders and subfolders as you like.

Display of note taking ability

Take note!

You can take a note on any bookmark you have added... this is really useful as a reminder of why the bookmark is important to you.

Nested folder organization

Find what you need!

Pins has a powerful search function that lets you find the bookmarks you need in no time. Search terms are matched in the title, address, and comment of a bookmark.

Nested folder organization

A lot of info...

Find out useful information about your bookmarks. How many times has it been visited? when was the last time? When was it added?

Display of note taking ability

Quick preview

Pins is equipped with beautiful thumbnails for your bookmarks and a handy quicklook functionality to help you sort out what you are looking for.

Display of note taking ability

Taskbar access

While you're browsing, click into your taskbar to quickly access your saved bookmarks with a search-suggest feature!



Add your bookmarks by dragging and dropping the url from your browser or by using the safari extension to add bookmarks with one click!


You can add a note to every bookmark in your library. This makes it easier to remember related ideas and todos.


Rate your bookmarks on the go. You can later retrieve your favorite bookmarks by sorting them by rating... the ones you like the most will always pop up before your eyes as you browse into a folder on your library.


Use as many folders and subfolders as you like to keep your library organized and tidy. Simply drag and drop folders to organize them and drag bookmarks on any folder to change their place.


Instant preview of any website you have bookmarked. Preview snapshots can be manually updated.


You can synchronize your whole library so that you will always be up to date, no matter how many macs you actually use. Sync the bookmarks you pin at work and retrieve them at home any time.


Import bookmarks from Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Camino and even from Delicious, Instapaper and Pocket (Read it later) and keep them in your library forever.


Share your favorite bookmarks. Pin archives can be emailed or shared as links on a website. A simple double click will automatically import the shared bookmarks complete with folders, rating and notes!


Find any bookmark in the blink of an eye with the powerful search feature. Strings will be matched in Title, URL and notes.


Use tags to easily categorize and retrieve the bookmarks you are looking for.


Keep an eye on your bookmark activity. Which website has been visited today, yesterday or this week? Handy for quickly retrieving the sites you use the most.


Obtain extensive information about your library. When a bookmark was added, last visited, how many times it was visited, etc..


Download the Pins Extension for your browser! Or drag this link: Add to Pins onto your bookmarks bar!

Chrome for Mac extension Firefox for Mac extension Safari extension